Besides common financial accounting and single entry accounting we provide a wide range of less common and rare services. Our aim is to process your records in way that bookkeeping and consequent financial statements serve you support and basis for your management and decision making.

We keep the books both on our own software with the option of remote supervision or editing records as well as on the software of our client including the most complex systems such as SAP.

Standard services:

  • accountancy implementation, formation and processing of charts of accounts
  • proposals of the structure of calculation (pricing), flow of funds and cash flow monitoring, budgeting
  • fixed assets journals, capitalization of fixed assets, asset depreciation journals
  • keeping and reporting of purchase and sales ledger, stock records
  • books closing operations, reporting and controlling, asset and liabilities stocktaking
  • preparation and processing of statistical reports and statements, bookkeeping audit
  • annual and irregular financial statements

We solve also more complicated accounting issues such as:

  • drawing up annual report and related person reports
  • financial statements and accounts consolidation, financial statements adjustments according to US GAAP and IAS / IFRS including tax balance sheets, cooperation with auditors
  • financial derivates pricing model-making and consequent consultancy
  • division of books for non-profit organization into economical and non-profit parts, subsidy, grant and endowment journals and summaries

See also: copmany consultancy, tax consultancy, bookkeeping, human resources and payroll, aditional activities

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