Company consultancy

Administrative services, changes and liquidation

We provide comprehensive company consultancy containing:
company formation, business establishment (Start-Ups), setting up new business activites
• transformations, changes and liquidations of companies including
• settlement of company incorporation (see also FAQ to establishing new company), bank accounts registration (see also FAQ page to Open bank account)
• wording of partnership agreement (deed of agreement) and resolutions of general meeting
• representation to state administration and local authorities

Investment expertise

  • preparation of financial expertise, drafts and economic analyzes of business plans, bank credits requirements
  • consultancy on investment intentions and projects, valuation of companies and their components such as particular assets
  • company administration in full or partial extent, records retention, assume and take over responsibility for particular field of business, data box servicing

Further we provide

  • company (business) address
  • office space for your activities in our own properties
  • temporary accommodation for managerial staff and senior executive or consultancy on subsidies and public contracts


  • insurance of property, activities and third-party insurance, court expertises, valuation of property

See also: tax consultancy, bookkeeping, human resources and payroll, aditional activities

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