Over 20 years of experience in business

We provide our services since 1990 when was our firm INCA – Information and consulting agency established. We endeavor that our services cover most of needs and requirements of companies, institution just as individuals. We have found joint ventures with our foreign partners. With others we cooperate on regular basis (contractual relation). Our place of business is situated in own property in the center of Brno (Za Divadlem 2, see the map) however it is easily accessible by both individual and public transport.

Our Clients

More than 20 years of experience and cooperation with our reputable international clients (some of them are listed on stock market) was determined by professional approach and specialist knowledge of our internal and external associates including their language skills as well as knowledge of legal code (including IAS and US GAAP) and conventions in abroad. We strictly abide by arranged time limits.

Nevertheless, we ensure the individuals the same quality as about the large companies. We inform multilingual each of our client individually about legislative amendments and the impacts on its business.

We provide our services all over the Czech Republic

It is common practice to us to process all documents multilingually. We have experiences with our own developed or purchased software (Money S3, Pohoda) as well as with software of our clients including the largest systems as SAP, Helios, Money S4. We run our business on our own computers, servers (with the option of individual client access) or on remote computers located by the client.

Close international cooperation with Academics as well as Experts

We maintain the contacts with state and local administration authorities, universities, embassies of foreign countries and international chambers of commerce. We cooperate with verified experts (lawyers, notaries, auditors, expert witnesses, appraisers, IT specialists).

Compliant Services

We allways strictly meet all legal requirements. Because of heterogeneity of our clients we keep track of legal code development and relevant judicial decisions not just on the level of European Union but also in other EU countries.

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