Our prices correspond to the extent and quality of provided services and to the risk we take over. They do not differ from similar companies in the Czech and European market.
Price formation is based on Czech legal code (Tax consultancy law) taking into account the international customs of the trade for instance StBGebV (German Tax consultancy law of fees).

Consultancy, accounting

The particular price is set considering the intensity of labor, our liability / risk (responsibility), expert and language requirements and proceed from subsequent hourly rates:

Consultancy 1500,- to 3000,- CZK / hour
Bookkeeping 400,- to 800,- CZK / hour
Other work 300,- CZK / hour

A lot of companies that offer accounting outsourcing give the price for one accounting operation. We are also able to arrange such pricing model however in many programs (SAP, Navision, etc.) it is impossible to express these operations in numbers.


Processing of wages (salaries) is based on rates (prices) per one employee, in particular it range between 300,- to 800,- Kč per employee monthly. Large employers are provided with volume discounts.

Arranged rates include all related services such as representation for authorities, payroll, pay slips, PAYE, NIC, maternity reports, employment certifiacres etc. Nevertheless it is possible to arrange separate rates for each service.

We attempt to keep good relations with our clients and prefer long term partnership, and therefore arrange monthly flat rates. In such cases the prices are final (all-in-rates), which means that we carry all other costs (posts and telecommunications costs, inspection and audit attendance, Software licenses, transportation costs, loss of time, etc.) excluding extraordinary costs such as travel expenses, court fees or external expert’s report.

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